Sewage and Water

Greene County Public Health works to ensure a safe drinking water supply by preventing contamination and protecting private water systems. This effort involves the inspection of wells and sewage treatment systems at homes and small businesses, and investigation into other forms of water contamination.

The safety of the public and our staff is a priority for the Health District. To aid in identification, our Environmental Health inspection staff carry a photo identification card. We encourage, and our inspecting staff welcome, the public to ask to see their identification to prevent unauthorized access to a building, business, or home. No Health District personnel will ever treat an operator, business owner, or homeowner differently for asking for identification. Should someone arrive at your location and not be able to produce identification, please turn them away and call our office immediately.

Private Sewage Treatment Systems

  • Private sewage treatment systems serve 1, 2, or 3-family dwellings and are used where connection to a sanitary sewer system is not possible. Among other things, this program:
    • inspects potential new parcels to ensure enough area is available to install on-site systems
    • reviews designs for new systems
    • inspects installations and alterations of private sewage systems
    • provides operational permits

Private Water Systems

  • Private Water Systems can include water wells, cisterns, springs and ponds. These systems are necessary in areas where a public water system is unavailable. The private water systems program:
    • reviews plans for new or altered private water systems
    • inspects installations
    • takes water samples