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This Public Use of Greene County Public Health Social Media policy ("Policy") establishes guidelines for the establishment and use by Greene County Public Health ("health district") social media sites as a means of conveying information to members of the public.

The intended and primary purpose of health district social media sites is to disseminate information from the health district about Greene County Public Health's mission, meetings, activities, services, programs, and current issues to members of the public.

The health district has an overriding interest and expectation in protecting the integrity of the information posted on its social media sites and the content that is attributed to the health district and its officials.

Social Media Policy for Greene County Public Health

1. Purpose

The purpose of this social media Policy is to establish guidelines for the use of social media by Greene County Public Health ("GCPH") to engage with the general public while maintaining a respectful, informative, and safe online environment. This policy also outlines GCPH's rights and procedures regarding the removal of posts on its official social media accounts.

2. Scope

This policy applies to all individuals, including members of the public, who interact with GCPH's official social media accounts and platforms.

3. User Responsibilities

  • Users are encouraged to engage with GCPH's social media accounts respectfully and constructively, adhering to community guidelines and standards of civility.
  • Users should refrain from posting content that is defamatory, discriminatory, harassing, abusive, obscene, or otherwise inappropriate.
  • Users must respect the privacy and confidentiality of others, refraining from sharing personal or sensitive information without consent.
  • Content posted by users should be relevant to GCPH's mission of promoting public health, wellness, and safety.

4. Department's Rights and Responsibilities

  • GCPH reserves the right to monitor, moderate, and manage its official social media accounts to ensure compliance with this policy and applicable laws and regulations.
  • GCPH may remove or hide posts, comments, or other content that violates this policy, including but not limited to content that is abusive, threatening, offensive, inflammatory, or spamming.
  • GCPH may block or restrict users who repeatedly violate this policy or engage in abusive or disruptive behavior on its social media platforms.
  • GCPH may edit or modify user-generated content, including comments or replies, to correct factual inaccuracies or ensure compliance with community guidelines.
  • GCPH may respond to inquiries, comments, or messages from users in a timely and professional manner, providing accurate information or directing them to appropriate resources.

5. Procedure for Post Removal

  • GCPH will follow a transparent and fair process for the removal of posts or comments on its official social media accounts.
  • When removing a post, GCPH will provide a clear explanation for the removal, citing the specific violation of this policy or relevant community guidelines.
  • Users who believe their post was removed in error may request clarification or appeal the decision through designated channels provided by GCPH.
  • GCPH will review and consider all appeals or requests for post-reinstatement following established procedures and criteria.

6. Review and Revision

This social media Policy shall be reviewed yearly to ensure its effectiveness and relevance. Any amendments or revisions to the policy will be communicated to users through official Department channels.


By engaging with GCPH's official social media accounts, users acknowledge and agree to comply with the provisions outlined in this social media Policy. Users understand that failure to adhere to this policy may result in the removal of their posts or other appropriate actions by GCPH.

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