Food Safety

Foodborne Illness Investigations

The Greene County Combined Health District takes all citizen complaints regarding foodborne illnesses and food safety seriously. Hospitals, Doctor’s offices, Laboratories and residents report food related diseases and Health Department staff monitor situations in order to determine if a foodborne outbreak has occurred. Investigations are conducted in order to determine the cause of illness in order to prevent future incidences.

Education and Enforcement

Food handlers are educated on proper temperatures, storage and cleanliness. However, if needed, enforcement measures are taken to ensure the safety of the food being served or sold. When critical violations are found during regular inspections or complaint investigations, enforcement actions are often necessary. 

Food Safety Resources

Food Safety Resources for regularly updated factsheets, posters and website links to more food safety information. The Food Safety Factsheet on the GCPH Resources Section will be updated to have the word Factsheet in the title of the document. If language barriers are identified, GCPH provides educational materials in different languages. GCPH will also coordinate with interpreter services, per our agency policy, to assist in the communication of vital educational information with individuals where language barriers exist.