Legal Information

 The statutory legal counsel for the Greene County Combined Health District is the Greene County Prosecuting Attorney. By virtue of Ohio Attorney General Opinion No. 90-106, a board of health has the legal ability, in cooperation with the county prosecutor, to hire its own assistant prosecuting attorney.

Membership of the Board of Health of the Greene County Health District is defined by a Contract for Union under Ohio Revised Code 3709.07. Various state laws and regulations which govern the public health and environmental activities of a general health district may be accessed by utilizing the links below. Health laws are found primarily in Ohio Revised Code Title 37. Health regulations are set forth in Ohio Administrative Code Chapter 3701.

Links to State Health Laws and Regulations

Ohio General Assembly
Ohio Revised Code Chapter 3707: Board Of Health
Chapter 3717: Retail Food Establishments; Food Service Operations
Chapter 3718: Sewage Treatment Systems
Chapter 3729: Recreational Vehicle Parks, Recreation Camps, Combined And Temporary Park-Camps
Chapter 3730: Tattooing Or Body Piercing Services
Chapter 3733: Manufactured Home Parks; Recreational Vehicle Parks; Recreation Camps; Park-Camps; Marinas; Agricultural Labor Camps
Chapter 3734: Solid And Hazardous Wastes
Chapter 3749: Swimming Pools
Chapter 3717: Ohio Uniform Food Safety Code 
Chapter 3701-9: Tattoo and Body Piercing Services
Chapter 3701-21: Food Service Operations Rules
Chapter 3701-25: Camps
Chapter 3701-26: Expanded Camp Rules
Chapter 3701-27: Mobile Home Parks
Chapter 3701-28: Private Water Systems
Chapter 3701-29: Household Sewage Disposal Systems
Chapter 3701-31: Public Swimming Pools or Spas
Chapter 3701-35: Marinas
Chapter 3701-54: School Safety