Greene County residents, except those residing within the city limits of Fairborn, Beavercreek, Bellbrook and Xenia.  Each of the Cities offers inspection services; contact information for each is located below. 


To ensure that all housing units meet minimum sanitation conditions.


Greene County Combined Health District enforces local housing regulations in Villages and Townships within the county.

Minimum sanitary standards include 

  • A kitchen sink in good working order
  • A bathroom with a flush toilet, lavatory basin, and shower or bathtub, all in good working order
  • Hot and cold water must be supplied to all sinks
  • All sinks, bathtubs, and toilets must be connected to approved water and sewer systems
  • Adequate rubbish and garbage storage containers must be supplied
  • All housing units must have safe, unobstructed egress leading to ground level
  • All gas lines and appliances must be sound with no leaks, and properly vented to the outside
  • All rooms must have at least one window, or mechanical ventilation
  • Where there is electrical service, all outlets and fixtures must be maintained in safe working order
  • Heating equipment must be provided and maintained in safe working order
  • All buildings must be free of rodent and insects, weathertight and watertight, and maintained in good repair
  • Interior surfaces must be maintained in sound condition that allow for easy cleaning
  • All housing units must be maintained clean, and sanitary


The housing regulations do not cover mold problems within a residence.  The State of Ohio does not have any laws or standards set for mold.  The health district has a packet of information for mold and mold issues that is available upon request.   The web link below for the Regional Air Pollution Control Agency (RAPCA) has information that can assist residents to control and eliminate mold within their homes.  

Bed Bugs

The housing regulations do not cover bed bug problems within a residence.  The web link below for the Ohio Department of Health has information concerning bed bugs.