Proposed Food Operations & Review


To ensure that the food facilities and mobile units are constructed in compliance with all applicable food regulations.


All newly constructed food facilities and mobile units, all remodeled food facilities and mobile units, and if this is the first time you are licensing an existing mobile in Greene County.


Mobile units: None
Permanent facilities (commercial): $350.00


Prior to constructing or remodeling a food facility / mobile unit or licensing a previously unlicensed out of state mobile, complete the (plan review application) and submit it along with 2 sets of plans and the appropriate plan review fee to:
Greene County Public Health
Attn: Food Plans Examiner
360 Wilson Drive
Xenia, OH 45385

  1. Upon receipt of both sets of plans and the appropriate plan review fee, the Health District will review the plans and notify you in writing whether they were approved or disapproved within 30-days. Note: Plans are examined in the chronological order in which they were received. Upon disapproval of submitted plans, a new 30- day review period begins after you re-submit your plans to the Health District.
  2. Complete the (FSO/RFE Application) and submit the appropriate license fee once you have received plan approval. Note: Please contact the Health District to determine your appropriate license fee.
  3. Building, plumbing and/or electrical permits shall be secured before construction is started. All final building, plumbing, electrical and/or fire approval inspections shall be completed before requesting the final Health District inspection. Additionally, an occupancy permit/approval for the general public shall be obtained from the Greene County Building Regulation, Fairborn City Building Inspection, or Village of Yellow Springs Building Inspection, as appropriate, prior to requesting the final Health District inspection;



(937) 374-5607