Mobile Food Operations


Food service operations and retail food establishments preparing and serving food for a fee, including donations, from a moveable vehicle or other portable structure that routinely changes location. All mobile food operations shall comply with Section 3717.01 of the Ohio Revised Code, Section 3717-1 of the Ohio Administrative Code (OAC), and pertinent sections of 3701-21 of the OAC .


All mobile food service operation or retail food establishment units in which the business headquarters is located in Greene County. All mobile food service operations and retail food establishment licenses are valid for the licensure year. Licenses issued by an approved Ohio Health District shall be recognized by all other health districts in Ohio. All mobile units must be inspected and licensed issued prior to opening and/or operating at their first event. Please contact the Health District to schedule your opening inspection, preferably about 10 days in advance.

Note: If your business headquarters is located outside the State of Ohio, you must submit an application for a license to the health district having jurisdiction where your first event within the State of Ohio is located. Plan Review (see link below) may be required for both out of state mobile food service operation and retail food establishment units, as well as new and renovated mobile units whose business headquarters is located within Greene County.




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