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Last Updated 5-13-21


COVID-19 vaccine

Where can I get the COVID-19 vaccine?

First dose information

  • You must have an appointment please click on the green button at the top of the page.
  • You must bring your confirmation code to the clinic.
  • We offer Moderna and Pfizer vaccines at our clinics.
  • We currently are not offering Johnson & Johnson at our standard clinics. Due to limited availability, this is being used for homebound individuals.
  • You will receive a vaccine card upon receiving your first dose. Please bring this to your second dose clinic.

Second dose information

  • You must have the same manufacturer of vaccine for your second dose that you did for your first.
  • Dose #2 clinics are at the same place where you received your first dose.
  • Clinics are Thursdays from 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM. Clinic times and dates are subject to change.
  • GCPH started scheduling second-dose appointments on 3-11-21.
  • We will schedule your second dose upon administering your first dose.
  • If you received your first dose before we started scheduling second doses you will come to the second dose clinic date listed on your card.
  • Bring the vaccine card with you that you received at your first dose.
  • You should get your second dose from the location that gave you your first dose.

When can you get the vaccine?

Determine your vaccine phase below or view updates from Ohio's Vaccine Program.

Register and schedule an appointment here get the shot

  • At this time we do not have the ability for persons to select the manufacturer of the vaccine they receive.
  • This will vary due to the allocation from the state.
  • Currently, Greene County Public Health is giving Moderna and Pfizer at the clinics.
  • Johnson & Johnson is coming in very small amounts to us and it is being used for homebound individuals.

Phase 1 - People most at risk, hands-on healthcare workers, and personnel caring for COVID-19 patients.

Phase 1a - ODH list of phase 1a.

    Phase 1b - ODH timeline to vaccinate 1b.

    • Phase 1B includes:

    Phase 1c - ODH phase 1c distribution fact sheet.

    • Phase 1C medical groups include:
      • Type 1 diabetes
      • Pregnant women
      • Bone marrow transplant recipients
      • ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease)
    • Phase 1C occupations include:
      • Childcare Services
        • Administrators, lead and assistant teachers, and substitutes who are enrolled in Ohio’s Professional Registry who are currently working in open childcare and pre-kindergarten programs.
        • Licensing specialists employed by the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services or county job and family services agencies.
          This phase does not include parent volunteers, board members, or owners/administrators that do not provide in-classroom supports.
      • Funeral Services
        • Embalmers/morticians, funeral home directors, crematory operators, and apprentices.
      • Law Enforcement and Corrections
        • Police officers; sheriff’s deputies; Ohio State Highway Patrol Troopers; other state or federal enforcement officers such as Ohio Department of Natural Resource enforcement staff, pharmacy board investigators, BCI agents, state fire marshal investigators, federal transportation security officers, and other federal law enforcement officers who do not have access to vaccination from federal sources.
        • Corrections staff, including probation and parole staff, that provide direct services to an adult or juvenile inmate or court-supervised individual. This includes staff in a privately run setting
      • Firefighters
        • Individuals who have a valid active firefighting certificate in the State of Ohio who are active members or employees of a recognized fire department. This does not include retired, emeritus, or reserve individuals.

      Phase 2 - ODH phase 2 distribution fact sheet.

      • Individuals age 40 and older.
      • Starting 3/29/21 age 16 and older with parent/guardian accompaniment.

      Phase 3 and 4 - Other specific critical populations who choose to be vaccinated.

      • GCPH may be vaccinating these groups between April and June.
      • This timeline is an estimate only; not a guarantee of when vaccines will be available.

      COVID-19 testing

      • Find COVID-19 testing locations near you.
      • Antigen (rapid) test results should be confirmed with a PCR test. If you have received a positive antigen test, consider these next steps:
        • Schedule a PCR test to confirm your results.
        • While waiting for your PCR test and test results, stay home and isolate yourself from household members.
        • Continue to wear a mask, wash your hands, and keep 6 feet away from people.

      Greene County's current COVID-19 risk level is 3 (Red)

      View Greene County's weekly profile. It's updated by ODH every Thursday via The Public Health Advisory Alert System.

        • This color-coded system can help people assess and respond to their risk for COVID-19 in each Ohio county. It uses a framework of indicators and data (mostly from the last 21 days).

      Current Ohio Department of Health orders.

      File a retail location complaint.

      Get your questions answered

      If you have questions about COVID-19 call:

      Information from trusted sources: