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Hep C Cure Squad in Xenia

Greene County Public Health and SafeTrade Syringe Services Program officials have partnered with Hep C Cure Squad powered by Central Outreach Wellness Center, to come to Bridges of Hope in Xenia.
What is Hepatitis C?
Hepatitis C (hep C) is a liver infection caused by the hep C virus (HCV). Hep C is spread through contact with blood from an infected person. There are several different ways to contract Hep C and HIV including needle and work sharing (including inhalation), snorting, sharing personal hygiene products like toothbrushes and razors, sex, and tattoos. Baby boomers (born 1946 – 1964) and Vietnam veterans are high risk, as well as anyone that received a blood transfusion or surgery before 1992.
Chronic hep C will result in death if left untreated. It will cause health problems like cirrhosis and liver cancer if left uncured. People with chronic hep C can often have no symptoms and don’t feel sick. When symptoms appear, they often are a sign of advanced liver disease. There is no vaccine for hep C. The best way to prevent hep C is by avoiding behaviors that can spread the disease.
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) currently recommends everyone in the United States be tested at least once in their lifetime for hep C, more frequently for those in higher risk groups. The rapid testing for exposure is free and completed in ten minutes. Treatment is completed in eight to twelve weeks.
The Hep C Cure Squad will provide FREE testing and treatment to anyone that needs it. Sobriety is not required for treatment and appointments are not necessary. If a resident has active virus, medication will be provided that has proven to be 98% effective at curing hep C with minimal side effects. HIV testing, preventive medications, and connection to care will also be provided at this event.
Since 2017, Central Outreach Wellness Center has been running a hepatitis C (hep C) outreach program, focusing on the addiction recovery communities throughout Ohio and Pennsylvania.

Today, Central Outreach is the number one curing center for hepatitis C in the U.S. Hep C affects around 3.5 million people in the United States, many of whom don’t even realized they have an infection.
For more information or questions, please contact Colton Holley-Wolf, Health Educator, by phone at (937) 374-5635 or by email at
Wed, December 6, 2023
1:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Simon Kenton Bridges of Hope