ODH News Release: Best Protection is Vaccinations as Cases Increase

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COLUMBUS – The Ohio Department of Health is reporting a large increase in COVID-19 cases over the last month across the state, including among students who are heading back to school. Statewide, the reported illness onset date of Monday, Aug. 23, showed 4,133 Ohioans with COVID-19, including 663 school-age Ohioans 5-18. One month prior on Friday, July 23, this data was 903 cases statewide, including 147 cases among Ohioans 5-18 – marking a 358% increase statewide, and a 351% increase among school-age Ohioans.

ODH News Release - Ohio Department of Health Reminds Families That Best Protection Against COVID-19 is Vaccinations as Cases Increase - 8-26-21