Solid Waste & Trash Truck

Eligibility: All county residents

Purpose: Trash, garbage, tires, infectious waste, and other miscellaneous debris (construction and demolition debris) must be properly disposed of at an approved EPA facility. Improper disposal of items can lead to potential water contamination, increase rodent activity, and overall an aesthetically unpleasant appearance.

Description: The Environment Health Division registered all trash trucks that carry garbage and other debris to the sanitary landfills or transfer facilities. Staff will inspect all licensed facilities that handle solid and infectious waste to ensure proper disposal.

Services include:

  • Respond to complaints from citizens and other agencies regarding solid waste issues
  • Inspect each trash truck that is registered to haul and collect trash in Greene County
  • Inspect all licensed facilities that handle or dispose of solid and infectious waste

Fees: Yes

Site: Countywide

Contact: 937-374-5607 / 1-866-858-3588

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