Rabies Control

 Eligibility: Greene County residents

Purpose: To prevent the incidence of human and animal rabies in Greene County.


Dogs, cats and ferrets that are involved in biting/exposure incidents are required to be quarantined for a period of 10 days. Prior to being released from quarantine these animals must be observed by Health District personnel and current on their rabies immunization. Animals that die during the quarantine period are sent to the Ohio Department of Health laboratory for analysis. Any dog, cat or ferret not currently vaccinated against the rabies virus that has been bitten or exposed to a known rabid mammal or a wild mammal or bat not available for testing shall be quarantined for 6 months or humanely euthanized.

Recommendations for medical treatment for bite victims are given as appropriate. However, if you have been involved in a biting incident you should seek guidance from your physician. The Health District cooperates with law enforcement agencies, hospitals, urgent care facilities, physicians, and animal control agencies in providing this program.

Fee: None

Appointment: Not required

Site: Countywide

Contact: 937-374-5607 or 866-858-3588


Requirements to report biting and exposure incidents

Quarantine of mammals involved in biting incidents


Contact your local law enforcement agency to report a bite from an animal.


Bats and Rabies - A Public Health Guide

Take a Bite Out of Rabies

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