Private Water Systems

Eligibility: Residents with private wells and other types of private water systems.

Purpose: To ensure “safe” water for use by residents not using public water systems.

Description: The Environmental Health Sanitarians will conduct inspections of private wells and water systems that have been issued permits for installation or alteration. Staff will also collect water samples to test for the presence of bacteria, pollutants, and other types of contamination. Private water systems include dug wells, drilled wells, cisterns, hauled water storage tanks, springs and ponds.

The Health District recommends that private water systems be tested annually for bacteria. If plumbing work or work on the water system components takes place the water system should be disinfected by chlorination of the water system before it is put back into service.

Staff will also inspect private water systems at the request of the system owner or potential buyer of the property.

Fee: Yes

Appointment: Required

Site: County-wide

Contact: 937-374-5607 / 1-866-858-3588

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