Private Sewage Systems

 Eligibility: County home owners with individual on-site sewage treatment systems.

Purpose: To prevent non-point source water pollution, ground water contamination, and public health nuisances from raw or partially treated sewage discharge. To help homeowners maintain trouble-free operation and maintenance of their household sewage treatment systems.

Description: The Environmental Health Division completes the following tasks for this program. Designs and/or approves submitted design plans for new or proposed sewage treatment systems on vacant lots. Evaluates property line changes for existing homes and proposed vacant lots. Provides guidance to homeowners that are experiencing problems with their existing sewage treatment systems. Evaluates the need for alteration, repair or replacement of a malfunction sewage treatment system. Inspects all installations of sewage treatment systems and inspects existing sewage treatment systems when requested or required.

Services include:

· Registration of Installers, Service Providers, Septage Haulers, and Land Application Sites

Please contact the Health District at 937-374-5607 or 1-866-858-3588 for a current list of registered installers of household sewage treatment systems

Application for Registration to Install Household Sewage Treatment Systems

Application for Service Provider Registration

Application for Septage Hauler Registration

Application to Haul Septage in Greene County – Vehicle Registration

Domestic Septage Land Application

· Analysis and review of site and soil evaluations to determine the sewage treatment capability of the soils naturally located on vacant land.

Soil Evaluation and Design Information Sheet

Site and Soil Evaluation Form

List of Soil Evaluators and Designers

Lot Split Evaluation Application

Preliminary Site Review Application

· Approval of vacant lot dimensions and sewage treatment system placement as defined by State and Local sewage regulations.

Design Plan Review Instructions

List of Soil Evaluators and Designers

Site Review Application

Site and Design Plan Review Application

Site Review Application Instructions

· Consultation on functioning and malfunctioning sewage treatment systems.

Evaluation of Existing Sewage Treatment System

  • Additional Applications, Forms and Factsheets

Abandonment of Septic Tanks

As-Built Drawing Requirements

How to Clean your Septic Tank Filter

Mound Construction Guidelines

Sewage Treatment System Application/Permit

Sewage Variance Request Form

Fee: Yes

Appointment: Required

Site: County-wide

Contact: 937-374-5607 / 1-866-858-3588

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