Plumbing Inspection

Eligibility: All residential and commercial plumbing installations in Greene County

Purpose: To ensure that all plumbing within Greene County is installed according to the Ohio Plumbing Code and is safe and free from cross contamination and backflow.

Description: The Health District’s certified plumbing inspectors work with commercial plumbers and homeowners to ensure the proper installation of all new and modified plumbing.

Services provided include:


  • Registration of all persons engaging or intending to engage in the plumbing installation business.
  • Issuing plumbing installation permits
  • Inspection of installed systems/units: water heaters, water softeners, commercial property plumbing, residential property plumbing for 1, 2 or 3 family dwellings, residential public water lines, and residential public sewage lines.
  • Consultations with contract plumbers and homeowners for assistance for plan designs and plumbing or installation problems.

Fee: Yes

Appointment: Required

Site: Countywide

Contact: (937) 374-5607 or (866) 858-3588


Plumbing Permit

Plumbers Registration

Plumbing Plan Review Application



Click Here for the current Ohio regulations.



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