Nuisance Abatement & Demolition


Eligibility:  Greene County residents, except those residing within the city limits of Fairborn, Beavercreek, Bellbrook and Xenia. Each of the Cities offers inspection services; contact information for each is located below.  

Purpose: To alleviate adverse or unhealthy and unsafe environmental conditions favorable for the breeding of insects, rodents, etc., or safety and public health hazards to the community.

Description: This program oversees the clean-up or elimination of blighted areas or buildings, including the removal of garbage, refuse, debris, and the elimination or rehabilitation of building structures. All demolition activities are subject to review of the jurisdictions’ governing councils.

Where and When: Contact: 937-374-5607 / 1-866-858-3588

Fee: None

Appointment: Required

Demolition & Clean-up: Variable

Site: Countywide


City of Beavercreek: 937-427-5512

City of Bellbrook: 937-848-8477

City of Fairborn: 937-754-3060

City of Xenia: 937-376-7287





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