Jail & Detention Center Inspections

Eligibility: All jails and detention centers in Greene County.

Purpose: To prevent diseases, safety hazards, and unsanitary conditions in jails as required by Ohio Revised Code 3709.26.

  Description: Jails are required to be inspected upon request from the Sheriff’s office or City Police department, or if a complaint is received.

Services Include:

  • Evaluation of the sanitary and structural conditions of the jail cells, shower and restroom facilities, and any common areas in the facility.
  • The food service operation in the jails is inspected under the Ohio Food Code. More information on this program can be found in the Food Operation Section of our website.

Fee: None

Contact: 937-374-5607/ 1-866-858-3588.


The Department of Rehabilitation and Correction oversees jails in Ohio. www.drc.ohio.gov.

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