Food Services Inspection

All permanent and temporary food service operations, grocery stores, and vending machines.

To prevent the spread of food borne diseases

The Environmental Sanitarians work with all permanent and temporary food services, groceries, and vending locations in Greene County regarding proper food preparation, handling, and storage. Permanent food operations include all services serving food for 7 or more consecutive days, such as restaurants, groceries, vending operations, and some festivals/fairs. Temporary food services are operations serving food for 5 or fewer consecutive days, such as festivals, fairs, etc.

Services Include:
• Issuing a permanent and temporary food service permits
• Review of building plans for new or renovated food services
• Regular and follow-up inspections to ensure compliance with proper preparation, handling, and storage techniques
• Education programs for food service personnel on care of choking victims and measures to prevent foodbourne disease
• Investigation of all reports of potential food poisoning

Where and When:

Call for locations
or 1-866-858-3588 (937 area code only)

Permits - Yes
Inspections- No
Consultations- No


On site inspection

Contact Greene County Public District Greene County Public Health District