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Effective March 1, 2016, the Ohio Uniform Food Safety Code was updated that, in part, impacted the training of food employees and management.  Rule 3717-1-02.4 requires that by March 1, 2017, at least one employee that has supervisory and management responsibility and the authority to direct and control food preparation and service shall obtain the level two certification in food protection according to Rule 3701-21-25 of the Ohio Administrative Code.   

NOTE: The level two certification training course must be an Ohio-approved course as determined by the Ohio Department of Health and applies to all Risk Class III and IV food operations.  All Risk Class I – IV facilities must still have a Person-in-Charge (PIC) at all times of operation that has at least the level one certification in food protection training.   

1.   Level 1 Certification in Food Protection Person-In-Charge (PIC) Course

The Ohio Uniform Food Safety Code requires that all food facilities have a person-in-charge (PIC) working at all times.  To be a PIC, an employee should understand food safety procedures that relate to the operation.  This class will teach food safety principles necessary to be a PIC.

2.    ServSafe: Level 2 Certification in Food Protection Manager’s Course

Each Risk Level III and IV FSO and RFE shall have at least one (1) employee that “has supervisory and management responsibility with a Level Two Certification in Food Protection training.  This 15-hour course is a detailed study of food safety procedures and prevention of foodborne illnesses. Developed by The National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation, this HACCP-based course gives participants national, state and local recognition as certified in food safety.

The Food Protection program of Greene County Public Health (GCPH) offers workshops on food safety. Each class is designed to promote proper food handling procedures to prevent foodborne illness.  Please reference the Food Training links below. You may also contact Greene County Public Health for any other questions or concerns.   

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