Communicable Disease


Greene County Public Health




Report a communicable disease to the local health jurisdiction where the patient resides. 

In Greene County, contact the Greene County Public Health and report cases to the Communicable Disease Reporting Nurse.



1. Telephone: 937-374-5600 or

2. Fax: 937-374-5675

3. By mail:
Greene County Public Health
Attn: Communicable Disease Reporting Nurse
360 Wilson Drive
Xenia, OH  45385

For Class A & B, include the following

  • Disease,
  • Date of onset,
  • Patient’s name, address, telephone
    number, date of birth, sex and race,
  • Name of Physician or reporter, address and telephone number.


For Class C, include the following

  • Number of cases,
  • Name of Physician or reporter, address and telephone number. 




It is the responsibility of the health care practitioners and laboratories to report cases of communicable disease to the local health department as stated by the Ohio Administrative Code  3701-3.

The staff of the health district will ensure proper investigation and follow up of all reports.  With this data, the health district will conduct surveillance of communicable disease; develop, implement and communicate prevention strategies; ensure affected residents have access to medical follow-up; communicate with the medical community; educate residents about communicable disease and support the domestic preparedness response plan.






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